Small Group Personal Training Classes

Classes are small and personal. Join our gym and experience an environment where your goals are supported and your success celebrated.

Online Consultations and Nutrition Counseling

Your health is our priority. Schedule in person or phone consultations. Not local? No Problem. We offer custom nutrition and work-out plans. Contact us today.

Here at The Fit Bodi, in our small group training facility, we base our programs off of you as an individual. The four pillars which we base your transformation on are:

accountability, nutrition, weight lifting, and cardio.



    We’ve all experienced the nervousness of trying to workout alone in a full size gym. Instead, we provide an environment you can look forward to working out in, reducing those uncomfortable feelings. Our experienced trainers are here for you and your success! We put the US in FOCUS!


    As we have all heard time and time again, abs are made in the kitchen... This is true! Here at The Fit Bodi, we highly encourage you to learn how to eat for your health and your quality of life. We provide constant nutrition check-ins and educational seminars to help you stay FOCUSED on this journey!

Weight Training

The only way you will become healthier and stronger is by pushing your physical limits. Scientific studies have proven that resistance training aids in reduction of arthritis pain and joint issues, increased bone density, combatting diabetes, improving heart health and mood and much more! We are not here to make you bulky or shredded* ... We are here to teach you a trade that will help you live a long happy life!

*We do offer sports specific programs to athletes.


Cardio is looked at as the answer to all of our weight loss prayers. This is a myth! Cardio is a tool that we use and are constantly teaching you about. Consider that in order to come full circle with your success, cardio is an important piece that you do not want to skip! 


We offer various programs on a 6-8 week rotating schedule as well as sports or person specific plans. 

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